Animal Dildos

All humans have an animal instinct, even though we often forget that we’re animals. The average person expresses this instinct through having sex, but some adventurous folks like to take acting on their primal urges a step further with animal sex toys.

Whether you’re a furry or just curious about what a dog (or horse, or even a walrus) penis would feel like, you’re not alone! Using the same old types of sex toys can get boring, and the taboo aspect of this type of toy certainly adds to the excitement. Once you venture into the world of animal dildos, your sex life may never be the same.

You may even find that you prefer the shape and feel of this type of product over an ordinary dildo. Fortunately, there’s a variety of animal dildos available on the market to feed and satisfy your wildest desires. First, I’ll discuss the benefits of using an animal dildo, followed by some of the categories you can choose from.

The Benefits of Animal Dildos

This is definitely a unique product to add to your collection, but how can you know whether an animal dildo is right for you? Below, I’ll cover some of the advantages of choosing one over a normal dildo:

The Taboo Turn-On

Obviously, the idea of having sex with an animal is very taboo, which some people get off on. If you’re attracted to the more “forbidden” sides of sexuality, this type of dildo will likely suit you very well.

Trying Something Different

As mentioned, using the same old sex toys day in and day out can get boring. Using an animal dildo is a completely different sensation and delivers an entirely unique looking product, as well.

A Safe Outlet for Your Urges

Bestiality is illegal in many states and frowned upon by most people in society. Using this style of dildo gives you a safe, legal way to express your animal instincts without involving an actual animal.

Types of Animal Dildos

Now that you know what you stand to gain from adding this type of toy to your collection, it’s time to cover the categories you can choose from:

Horse Dildos

The majority of horse dildos are going to be very large, so only super experienced people should consider them. Under the umbrella of “horse dildos,” you’ll find unicorns, donkeys, mules, and ponies. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit an entire horse dildo inside of you, with some of the bigger models measuring 15 inches.

However, you may still be drawn to the girth and the idea of the size, even if you don’t use the entire shaft. As with any other dildo, make sure you apply plenty of lubricant before use. And, if you’re new to sex toys, start with something smaller before graduating to this type.

Walrus Dildos

Walrus penises are among the largest in all of the animal kingdom, so the thought of getting a dildo fashioned after this impressive specimen is attractive to many. With this style of sex toy, you can experience substantial length and girth without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Most people won’t be able to take the entire dildo, but you’ll still have fun with it.

Fox Dildos

Unlike horse and dog dildos, fox dildos may be a bit challenging to find as they aren’t as popular. As with most other toys, you can choose from a few different colors, and many fox dildos allow you to choose between different sizes, as well. Some fox dildos come with a suction cup that you can apply to any firm surface for a hands-free experience.

Types of Canine Dildos

This category deserves its own section because there are a few different types to choose from, which I’ll discuss in more detail below:

Regular Dog Dildos

You can use a dog dildo for puppy play or ordinary masturbation. There are several different types that fall under the umbrella of “regular” dog dildos and cover a variety of breeds. Choose between Doberman dildos, German Shepherd dildos, and even the unique Hyena Dildo.

Knotted Dog Dildos

If you want an anatomically correct option for your dog dildo, you can select a knotted option with a large bulb at the base. While they appear similar, this knot is not to be mistaken for testicles. When a wolf has intercourse, this knot engorges with blood to keep the phallus in the female’s vagina and prevent it from coming out.

Inflatable Knotted Canine Dildos

You can also select an inflatable dog dildo, which allows you to fill the knot with air and make it expand. These come with a flexible, smooth shaft that’s easy to insert, then you can fill it with either air or water to reproduce the “locked” effect that occurs with dogs.

Ready to Feed Your Animal Urges?

Humans all have unique desires and sexual needs, and some people have fantasies that involve animals. If you’re one of these people, you’ll find a wide variety of animal dildos to satisfy your kinkiest wishes. You should always pair your dildo with plenty of lubricant. Make sure that the material of your sex toy is compatible with the type of lube you use and have fun!

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